iBOT Personal Mobility Device

  • New in 2022
  • Participate again, wherever you are
  • Controlled by joystick
  • Reliable technology: 20 years of development

The iBOT wheelchair: reach, climb and GO!

The highly advanced technology of iBOT goes beyond a Seated Segway and makes it possible to participate again, wherever you are! The iBOT electric wheelchair is operated by means of a joystick, no trunk stability is required.

Accessibility is no longer an issue because you can take care of yourself just fine. Driving indoors or out, driving on or off road, sitting high or low and even up and down the stairs. The iBOT helps you to overcome all barriers, wherever you want to go!

iBOT driving modes

Standard mode: agility for the outside with the comfort of the inside

The iBOT has the same advantages and convenience as a ‘normal’ electric wheelchair, but the iBOT goes further than that. It is designed to go from the inside out with the greatest of ease. The standard mode works just like a rear-wheel drive electric wheelchair.

4-wheel mode: gives you the freedom to go

Drive through the sand to get to the water’s edge, or follow your kids as they run through the grass to the playground. In 4-wheel mode, the iBOT drives through rough terrain, over sand, through grass, over rocks and even through snow. In 4-wheel mode, the seat can be raised to bring you up to eye level or reach higher surfaces. Overcome obstacles and curbs up to 13 cm in height.

Balance mode: change your view of your surroundings

In this position the iBOT goes up and you can look everyone in the eye. But don’t worry, you don’t have to keep your balance yourself, the unique balance technique will do that for you! Ride on 2 wheels and connect with your loved ones, loved ones and peers at eye level. Reach heights you never thought possible, the iBOT offers you a unique driving experience. The iBOT rises above itself and gives you access to more of your environment again. Change your view of things with the iBOT’s balance feature.

Stair climbing mode: go the extra mile with the iBOT electric wheelchair

With the trap mode of the iBOT, the possibilities are endless. Places that are normally inaccessible are now accessible again. Visit public buildings and shops or take small steps, visit friends or family at home. With unique technology, the iBOT makes climbing stairs possible. You can climb stairs with the iBOT independently or with a trained assistant: indoors or outdoors!

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Even more benefits of the iBOT electric wheelchair:

  • No more tilting forward when going down a slope. The iBOT maintains your preferred seating position and adjusts automatically with the terrain tracking function in 4-wheel mode.
  • Change positions throughout the day using the comfortable tilt option in standard and balance mode. Adjust your seat height in 4-wheel and balance mode to reach new heights.
  • When unoccupied and in Remote mode, the iBOT can climb slopes of up to 20 degrees, making many vehicles accessible using ramps.
  • Since the electronics are hidden in a closed box, the iBOT can be rinsed between outdoor and indoor use.
  • Each iBOT is custom-tailored to your center of gravity (Center of Gravity). Performing a CG fit provides precise control, and allows you to maneuver easily over obstacles, through rough terrain and climbing stairs.

Personalized iBOT training

Proper training is an important part of, and included in, the purchase of an iBOT. The extensive training ensures the correct skill and confidence in the user. Every new iBOT user receives a full clinical fit and personal training in our showroom in Oss. During the iBOT training, you will progress through all five modes, including stair climbing, solo or assisted, depending on your disability.

Would you also like to get to know the new iBOT? Please contact us and request a FREE test drive.

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Technical specifications

  • Standard incl.:USB charger, transport security points, detachable controller
  • Optional:handle for climbing stairs, battery with longer reach
  • Adjustable:speed, joystick, available modes, controller left or right
  • Weight power base (incl. battery):80,7 kg (excl. weight of chair)
  • Dimensions power base:63,5 x 81,3 cm
  • Speed:5,4 to 10,9 km/h (depending on mode)
  • Batteries:4 x lithium-ion battery
  • Range (on 4 batteries):28 to 35 km (depending on mode)
  • Turning circle:55 to 71 cm (depending on mode)
  • Height floor to seat:47,5 cm (standard mode) to 90,9 cm (balance mode)
  • Maximum slope:8 to 12 degrees (depending on mode)
  • Max. permissible weight:23 to 136 kg