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Claudia Bosch

Hi, I'm Claudia.

In 2004 I fell off my horse, resulting in a complete spinal cord injury T12.

I am an "outside" person. I enjoy going into the woods with the dogs and the horse. Or a breath of fresh air by the sea.

After my accident this became a bit more difficult, but searching for solutions I came a long way. In 2014 I became mother of our son. A lovely male, very enterprising and he already walked with 9 months. When he is playing in a playground, with sand, I got stuck. I couldn't go to my child to help him. I never wanted that feeling again.

Then I went looking for a solution and we found it at 2Kerr. A seated-Segway that balances itself and allows you to ride off-road. So I went into the sandbox with my son. Give him a hand because I have my hand free with these products. And so many more things that give more mobility and freedom. I have a disability, not my son. With this solution I can do almost everything with him and keep going outdoors.

That's why I started working at 2Kerr as well. Making people feel that more is possible and more is possible and that they get a little bit of freedom back.

Because of my own rollers-experience I have a lot of experience with the limitations of rolling and can therefore respond well to the wishes of the customer. I'm mainly involved in administrative tasks, but you'll also hear from me on the phone. So if you have any questions or if you think: "I want to try that too," feel free to contact me!

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