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Freee F2

The Freee is a high-end mobility aid solution. It combines a high-quality Segway platform with a high-quality seating solution. This creates a top product with a confident appearance. The building quality leaves no doubt about this.

The German manufacturer has put a lot of effort into the technical development of the product, which has resulted in a very durable and reliable solution. The seating solution is even completely maintenance free!

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The Freee has a fully electric parking system with which the machine automatically stabilizes and switches off. The well thought-out system can be used safely on all types of surfaces and can even park safely on uneven terrain.

The Freee provide a high level of support to the user and is also a compact machine (parts foldable) and therefore easy to take with you in the car.

The Freee has very advanced technology and safety systems and is available in various colour combinations with a choice of several accessories, so that it can be put together according to personal taste.


Dimensions folded 60 x 68 x 60
Platform Segway
Seat cushion Luxury version and is interchangeable
Backrest Luxury version and is adjustable
Collapsible transfer supports Yes


Steering wheel Removable and adjustable
Adjustable footrest Yes
Parking supports Electrically operated
Battery/ Batteries Lithium ION
Charging time 3-4 hours
Engine 2 x 765W


Standard lighting Yes
Range in km 38
Speed in km/h 20
Machine weight 75 kg
Max allowable weight 110 kg
Infokey Yes
Various colours possible Yes



Take up the challenge and come and test drive in our showroom in Oss. See you soon!