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The Genny is a mobility aid in the higher range. It combines a high quality Segway platform with Italian design, which has undoubtedly resulted in a beautiful product. If you go for the looks, you go for Genny. The Italian manufacturer is more or less the founder of this type of products. The Genny uses an electromechanical system packed in a beautiful housing. The machine has a manually operated safety system.

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The Genny has an electromechanical parking system that stabilises the machine semi-automatically. The system can be used safely on all types of surfaces and can also cope with little uneven surfaces. The Genny is a compact machine (parts foldable) and therefore easy to carry in the car.

The Genny is available in different colour combinations and versions with a choice of several accessories, so that it can be put together according to personal taste.


Dimensions folded 70 x 65 x 70
Platform Segway
Seat cushion Luxury version and is interchangeable
Backrest Luxury version, exchangeable and adjustable
Collapsible transfer supports Yes


Steering wheel Removable and adjustable
Adjustable footrest Yes
Parking supports Electromechanically operated
Battery/ Batteries Lithium ION
Charging time 3-4 hours
Engine 2 x 765W


Standard lighting No
Range in km 30
Speed in km/h 20
Machine weight 90 kg
Max allowable weight 110 kg
Infokey Yes
Various colours possible No