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Segway rolstoel



There are more and more products on the market that use balance technology for a wheelchair solution. Or does it look more like a mobility scooter? You name it, because it's not really comparable to anything. It is a new category of device for which there is no umbrella term yet. That's why we call it a Modern Mobility Scooter.


Our Modern Mobility Scooter products always drive on 2 wheels, uses balancing technology and offers seated transport. Of course it is intended as a mobility product for people with limited walking abilities and disabled people. It provides a great level of freedom to go out and live your life. In addition to its functionality, a Modern Mobility Scooter is also simply fun to ride and looks great. Not stigmatising!



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"For me, the seated-Segway means freedom to go wherever I want (unfortunately, flying is not yet part of that...;-)".

"I have regained my 'legs' and independence, while people no longer see me as handicapped!"

Modern Mobility Scooter can run on all kinds of surfaces, which is why it gives so much freedom. Of course there is a difference in possibilities, depending on the specific model and of course the difference makes which tyres you use. But in general a lot is possible, most of the time the Wheelchair in Balance can handle more than the one who rides on it.


Take up the challenge and come and test drive in our showroom in Oss. See you soon!