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Myfrankie Apache

Color Black
Year of construction 2014
Year of kit 2014
Mileage +/- 4158 km
Seat crushion Contour Comfort (is changeable)
Backrest Standard (is changeable)
Extra options None
Lighting No
Infokey(s) 2
Useful information
Min. user weight 40kg
Max. user weight 110 kg
Min. length 150 cm
Max. length 190 cm
Max. obastacle height run 5 cm
Min. obastacle height run 10cm
Max. slope angle 20%
topspeed 20 km/h
Sterring wheel 360º
Charging time 3-4 hour
Range 30 km

New price from incl. (VAT)

€ 6.950,-

Requesting information

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Take up the challenge and come and test drive in our showroom in Oss. See you soon!