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Connect carrier

Connect Carrier

If you have small children, large groceries or a hobby / work for which you want to transport larger items, then the electronic cargo bike for rollers is really something for you. Children can easily get in/out and sit safely with a seatbelt on the bench. Quality time guaranteed.

This is the solution for a roller easy to go on the road and to be able to take things with you, so you can leave the car at home. The cargo bike easily connects to / disconnects by means of a central tube. Two powerful electric motors provide a lot of flexibility and the cargo bike has a lot of grip. You can even go off-road with the cargo bike.

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Dimensions bucket 56 x 80 x 35
Contents box 140 litres
Max. wheelwidth 80 cm
Max. weight in bucket 50 kg


2-wheel drive 36 volt motors with disc brakes
Battery 13,6 Amp (removable)
Range in km +/- 20 km.
Call Ding dong bel


Bicycle computer Yes
Warranty On parts 1 year, on the frame 5 years
Delivery time 30 days after confirmation
Mounting Possibly directly by appointment