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2Kerr Balansrolstoel Omeo - Fotoshoot Doreen 012


Omeo Seated Segway


The Omeo is the newest Seated Segway and is unique in its kind. The Omeo has no steering handle, instead it offers two steering options. The first is joystick mode, it explains itself and is always available when the user prefers it. The second is active seat mode, which allows you to steer with an adjustable seat. This unique and sporty experience is very intiutive and for some people the ideal way to move yourself.


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The New Zealand manufacturer has developed and tested the technology for many years, resulting in a technically advanced result with highly advanced engineering and safety systems. The Omeo has an electric parking system that automatically stabilises the machine. The system can be used safely on all types of surfaces and can even park safely on uneven terrain.

The Omeo is compact (foldable) and therefore easy to take with you in the car. The Omeo is available in different colour combinations with a choice of several accessories, so that it can be put together according to personal taste.


Dimensions folded:
Platform: Segway
Seat cushion: Luxury version and is interchangeable
Backrest: Luxury version and is adjustable
Collapsible transfer supports: Yes


Steering wheel: Not applicable
Adjustable footrest: Yes
Parking supports: Electrically operated
Battery/ Batteries: Lithium ION
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Engine: 2 x 765W


Standard lighting: Yes
Range in km:
Speed in km/h: 20
Machine weight: 65 kg
Max allowable weight:
110 kg
Infokey: Yes
Various colours possible:



Take up the challenge and come and test drive in our showroom in Oss. See you soon!