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The TriRide is a mobility aid in a new segment for 2Kerr. It does not use balancing technology, but is an extension of our core range and a perfect addition for many of our customers. TriRide's E-bikes can be attached to almost all types of hand wheelchairs with 2 simple clamps. Thanks to the unique software and electronics, the TriRide allows you to drive forwards and backwards, without having to use your own hoops. The reversing function makes coupling so much easier, you really need to experience that. There is also an anti-slip control and a cruise control function. In this way the TriRide offers the quality that 2Kerr is known for.

The E-bike is completely personal with numerous options and a choice of different colours. The attractive Italian design of the TriRide is included for free!

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Outside of forwards and backwards, the TriRide has an anti-slip driving function, making skidding away a thing of the past. The TriRide can also reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h and a range of 50 km, making it easy to cover long distances. This can be upgraded with a heavier battery.

The IBS electronic braking system gives the TriRide a big advantage over its competitors. This system means that you suffer less from wear and tear on the brake pads, you drive much more safely down a hill and you charge the battery during braking.

In short

  • Compact electric handbike, 8 models!
  • Lightest version only 7,5 kg!
  • Powerful en engines (540W – 2000W)
  • Speed 15 – 25 km/h
  • Range: 25 – 50 km
  • Simple coupling system, with coupling assistance
  • LCD display, reverse drive function and cruise control
  • Solid Lithium-Ion battery packs (36V – 48V)