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Segway rolstoel

Travelling with your seated-Segway

We often get a question about the possibilities to take your seated-Segway with you on holiday. This mainly concerns transport by plane, so that you can also use your seated-Segway at your holiday destination.


Airline companies apply strict rules, especially with regard to the Lithium-ion batteries that they take with them on the plane. As a result, it is normally not possible to take a Segway with you. However, when it concerns a wheelchair solution, there are possibilities.

Sven and Bernadette Gravendeel are experienced experts and have done the necessary pioneering work. Sven likes to share his experiences below.

Sven Gravendeel:

We have made a number of trips with the Segway and it hasn't always come out of battle. This is because people are unfamiliar with the device and do not know how to move it. Because of this they lay him down or he slides off the command and folds the supports when he is resting. All very annoying because you'll get the Segway with broken parts. After many attempts I decided to build a special Flightcase where we can drive the Segway. This has the advantage that when there are two of you and you get off at Schiphol you can load all the suitcases in the flightcase (including any ramps) and then you can drive the Segway to the counter yourself. Here you change the place and the suitcases are put on the conveyor belt and the Segway in the flightcase. Let's get a quick overview of some things you have to take into account:

  • The Segway has to be reported in advance by your travel agent with height, type of batteries etc.
  • You have to take plenty of time to check in because often three hours is not enough.
  • To be on the safe side, we always take a foldable wheelchair with us.
  • The Segway can be charged at 110 Volt in America, which is very handy.
  • You have to report the Segway to your insurer.
  • Once you've flown, the difference in air pressure causes the air to escape from your tyres. You can buy a simple 12 Volt device on the internet with which you can inflate the tyres again.
  • Unlike in the Netherlands, in America not everything is flat, so putting the unit to rest in a car or elsewhere is a thing of the past. For this you can simply take a small plank with you that is worth under the back leg and you can flatten the Segway yourself.
  • Keep in mind that while driving the car, you take tires with you so you can secure them. At a red traffic light you don't want 80kg of Segway in your neck.
  • While renting a car, it is best to ask for a Dodge Caravan for 9 persons. Probably a bit more expensive but here the Flightcase, including the separate Segway, will fit in.

I can give a lot more tips but then we might have to call.

If you're interested in a transport box, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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