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On the unique test track of 2Kerr you can try out all the seated-Segway’s yourself. 2Kerr has developed a special course with different types of surfaces, so you can test how it works in practice, you can compare the differences and you can found out which model works best for you.

We think it is important to let you experience for yourself the possibilities and differences, unbiased without a push towards one particular product, completely independent and objective. Of course you are not completely on your own, 2Kerr will support, advise and guide you through this process.

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Our building is wheelchair friendly.

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Our team consists of motivated team players. Together we want to make the maximum possible for our customers. We not only draw on knowledge and experience of the balancing technology and wheelchair applications, but also employ rollers who know from their own experience what daily practice is for our customers. That is what we aim for, solutions that fit in with the real world of everyday life.

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