Electric wheelchair

When you would like to (continue to) drive independently but can no longer manage with a manual wheelchair, you often opt for electrical assistance or an electric wheelchair. A wheelchair from 2KERR is also a good solution when you have a (walking) disability and still want to go out for a while (and for longer).

With an electric wheelchair you can easily cover some longer distances if you can’t (any more) with a manual wheelchair or on your feet. There are different types:
• Front wheel drive, this wheelchair has large wheels at the front and small swivel wheels at the back. This wheelchair can easily negotiate obstacles but is less stable.
• Rear wheel drive, this wheelchair has swivel wheels in the front and large wheels in the back. This wheelchair is very stable but less maneuverable.
• Mid-wheel drive, this wheelchair has both front and rear swivel wheels with larger wheels in between. This type rides easily over sloping hills but on the other hand can get stuck quickly.
• Active balance wheelchair, this wheelchair uses balance technology and has two large wheels and is equipped with parking supports. This wheelchair drives easily over different surfaces and is very maneuverable. You control this type of wheelchair by using weight shift of your upper body.
• Passive balance wheelchair, this wheelchair also uses balance technology but is easier to control by using a joystick. This balance wheelchair also drives easily over different surfaces and is very maneuverable.
• Fully electric wheelchair with balance technology and 4-wheel drive, this iBOT electric wheelchair is one of a kind. It is a multifunctional personal mobility device that allows you to do things that were previously impossible.

Electric wheelchair with balance technology

A power wheelchairs from 2KERR all use (Segway) balancing technology. What is very important to know: you do not have to do anything for this yourself, you do not necessarily need a good balance. This special technique makes it possible to ride on 2 wheels. This type of wheelchair is also called balance wheelchair. As the name suggests, this wheelchair stays in balance because of the technique itself.

An electric wheelchair for the woods?

Unlike a “regular” power wheelchair or a manual wheelchair, a wheelchair with balance technology can drive over many different types of surfaces with ease. This makes it possible to drive through the forest and over dirt roads, for example. So you no longer have to look for a walking route especially suitable for wheelchairs but you can simply go everywhere with a balance wheelchair. Everyone wants to get outside and enjoy nature, right?

On the beach with an electric wheelchair

Besides forest paths and dirt roads, the beach is also accessible (again) with an electric wheelchair. On many Dutch beaches you can rent a special beach wheelchair, but how nice would it be if you could just go on the beach with your own wheelchair? That’s possible with a balance wheelchair from 2KERR! Depending on the type of electric wheelchair and which tires you use, you can drive right onto the beach to enjoy freedom!

Electric wheelchair

How does the wheelchair with balance technology work?

Good to know is that the wheelchair itself keeps the balance, the (Segway) technology ensures 100 times per second that you stay perfectly balanced and thus do not fall over. 2KERR’s wheelchairs feature a detachable handlebar or joystick (depending on the brand and type).

The iBOT electric wheelchair is taking it one step further, balance mode puts you at eye level with your family, friends or loved one. Take a walk at eye level, not at crawling speed but really at walking pace. All types of power balance wheelchairs can rotate around the axis, making them very maneuverable, even in small spaces such as an elevator. Curbs and thresholds are no longer an obstacle for you as a wheelchair user.

BI-GO Seated Segway

The Bi-Go Seated Segway gives you the feeling of ultimate freedom with a rugged look. A robust no-nonsense solution for people who choose their own path.

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iBOT Personal Mobility Device

The highly advanced technology of iBOT goes further than a Seated Segway.

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Scewo BRO power wheelchair

In the Scewo BRO you drive safely and agilely over different surfaces or fully automatically and independently up and down stairs.

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New: electric wheelchair with autonomous stair climbing function

Places normally inaccessible are now accessible in the Scewo BRO power wheelchair. With the help of the autonomous stair climbing function, you can visit public buildings and stores or take small steps. The Scewo BRO stair climbing wheelchair helps you overcome all barriers!

Buying an electric wheelchair

The entry-level electric (balance) wheelchair from 2KERR starts at a price from about €12,950, depending on your needs of course. There are plenty of options through your local authority for financing this type of electric wheelchair. Namely, you could use the WMO or a PGB through your municipality. The electric wheelchair from 2KERR is not in the core range of the municipality, therefore it is not provided by default. But don’t worry, it can be provided through a customized facility. We can give you detailed advice on this and help you with the necessary procedure.

In addition to new wheelchairs with balance technology, 2KERR always has a wide selection of second hand electric wheelchairs in the showroom. So we can find a suitable solution for every budget.

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