HOSS self-balancing mobility aid

  • Manoeuvrable, both indoors and outdoors
  • Modern design with sustainable materials
  • Controlled by joystick
  • Unique safety system

The Hoss Mobility self-balancing mobility aid combines agility and mobility!

Thanks to the drive on one axle, the Hoss self-balancing mobility aid combines the best of both worlds: the maneuverability of an indoor wheelchair with the outdoor mobility of an off-road machine.

Full control

Of course, the Hoss wheelchair itself keeps the balance. So you don’t have to keep your balance or move your weight, the Hoss does all that. The Hoss self-balancing mobility aid is easy to control with a joystick. Good hull stability is therefore not a requirement to be able to drive the Hoss. The sensitivity of the controls can be adjusted as desired by means of an app.

Safety first with the Hoss self-balancing mobility aid

Safety is the most important thing for Hoss Mobility. That is why this self-balancing mobility aid is equipped with a safety system that is completely independent from the main drive and reacts adequately in every situation. This way you can concentrate on the important things and drive carefree.

In its rest position, the Hoss self-balancing mobility aid is mechanically stabilized by its support system. The moment the Hoss comes into balance, the sensors analyze the behavior of both the driver and the ground hundreds of times per second.

With this, the Hoss mobility aid balances the driver as if he were standing on two legs. The condition of the balance system is permanently monitored by the patented support system. This system not only stabilizes the Hoss during the transfer, but can also extend in a fraction of a second in the event of an emergency and bring the Hoss to a safe stop.

Hoss self-balancing mobility aid - the real alternative

The self-balancing mobility aid from Hoss Mobility is not only very manoeuvrable but also all-terrain and drives with the greatest ease over different surfaces (grass forest, sand, pebbles or boulders). Thanks to its high speed of 15 km/h and its range of 60 km, it is possible to cover long distances with ease. The large wheels and the built-in cushioning guarantee a comfortable ride.

By using modern lines and sustainable materials, you always cut a good figure with the Hoss self-balancing mobility aid!

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions:84 x 67 x 90 cm
  • Loading height:75 cm (backrest folded, without armrests)
  • Seat cushion:Standard Jay cushion (removable)
  • Backrest:Standard Jay J3 backrest
  • Armrests:Yes, removable
  • Adjustable footrest:Yes
  • Seat width:40 - 46 cm
  • Seat height:54,5 - 57,5 cm (without cushion)
  • Control:Joystick
  • Battery/batteries:Lithium ION
  • Charge time:5-6 hours
  • Parking supports:Electrically operated. Does not require a flat surface.
  • Platform:Hoss Mobility
  • Infokey:No
  • Standard lighting:Yes
  • Speed in km/h:15
  • Range in km:30 tot 60 (depending on model)
  • Machine weight:100 kg
  • Max. allowable weight:120 kg
  • Various colors:Yes, different wood colors possible

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