GENNY ZERO self-balancing mobility aid

  • Sporty, Italian design
  • Advanced, self-learning electronics
  • Equipped with Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS
  • Available Q1 2023

Discover the new Genny Zero self-balancing mobility aid.

The Genny Zero self-balancing mobility aid was born from the fusion of years of Genny 2.0 experience, with high-quality research and the latest technologies. The result is a new way to experience mobility.

The Genny Zero is an electric vehicle in every way; as agile on two wheels as a motorcycle, but with an aesthetic that makes it as dynamic as a car.

More comfort, a better sitting position, sporty equipment, fascinating design, personalization possibilities in terms of look and details, advanced electronics developed by Genny, self-learning and “Swiss Made”; those are just some of the features of Genny Zero.

The new Genny Zero will be available from Q1 2023. Keep an eye on our website and social media for the latest updates on the new Genny Zero.

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