In addition to our extensive range of new Seated Segways, we also always have a range of used ones available.

Used Seated Segway

Are you looking for the ultimate feeling of freedom, but are you unable to afford a new Seated Segway (via the municipality or yourself)? Then a second-hand Seated Segway is a cheaper solution for the same feeling of freedom. We always have a number of second-hand models in our showroom from different brands such as Freee, Bi-Go or Genny Mobility.

Do you want to know what we currently have on different second-hand Seated Segways? Look below or contact us for the current stock!

BI-GO occasions

We always have several Bi-Go used wheelchairs in stock in our showroom. Are you looking for a used Bi-Go balance wheelchair, in very good condition, with warranty? We offer these starting at €8.950,-. Depending on supply, second-hand models are sometimes available for a considerably lower amount. These 'budget' models are checked in our service center but we cannot give any guarantee on them. The available stock is constantly changing, please contact us for current stock levels.

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Depending on the offer, there are almost always several Genny used wheelchairs available, in different colors, conditions and years of construction. Used Genny balance wheelchairs can be available from as little as €5.950,-. But for a Genny in top condition, with warranty, a higher amount will be asked. All models are checked in our service center. Available stock is constantly changing and depends on supply. Please contact us for the current stock.

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FREEE occasions

Afhankelijk van het aanbod zijn er vaak diverse Freee occasions op voorraad. Benieuwd? A used Freee balance wheelchair is usually available from as little as
€ 10.950,-. All models are checked in our service center. De beschikbare voorraad verandert voortdurend en is afhankelijk van het aanbod. Neem contact op voor de huidige voorraad.

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ADDSEAT occasions

With the AddSeat you combine any situation with the ideal seat height. The air-suspension seat is multifunctional and changes your view of the world. This occasion has a sale price from € 8.450,-.

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OMEO occasions

Also of the Omeo always current used stock. Looking for a challenge in terms of Seated Segways? A used Omeo is already available from € 16.950,-.

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Buy or sell a used Seated Segway?

You can contact us not only for purchasing a second-hand Seated Segway. Do you want to sell your Seated Segway for whatever reason? The first thing you might ask is: where on earth do I start? Selling a specialized aid is of course not that easy, after all, you can’t just put it on a market place website, such as a scooter. We can also help you with selling your Seated Segway. We can sell the Seated Segway for you via consignment sale in our showroom.

Convert a used Segway?

A Seated Segway is built on the well-known Segway Platform. Did you know that it is also possible with us to convert your used Segway into a Seated Segway. Do you own a Segway and are you interested? Please contact us.

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