In addition to our extensive range of new Seated Segways, we also always have a range of used ones available.

Used Seated Segway

Are you looking for the ultimate feeling of freedom, but are you unable to afford a new Seated Segway (via the municipality or yourself)? Then a second-hand Seated Segway is a cheaper solution for the same feeling of freedom. We always have a number of second-hand models in our showroom from different brands such as Freee, Bi-Go or Genny Mobility.

Do you want to know what we currently have on different second-hand Seated Segways? Look below or contact us for the current stock!

BI-GO occasions

Always various Bi-Go occasions in stock in our showroom. Are you looking for a second-hand Bi-Go Seated Segway? It's available from € 6.950,-.

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Always various Genny occasions, in different colors, in stock. There is already a nice second-hand Genny Seated Segway available from € 8.450,-.

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FREEE occasions

We always have various Freee occasions in stock in our showroom. Curious? A second-hand Freee Seated Segway is available from € 13.950,-.

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OMEO occasions

Also of the Omeo always current used stock. Looking for a challenge in terms of Seated Segways? A used Omeo is already available from € 16.950,-.

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Buy or sell a used Seated Segway?

You can contact us not only for purchasing a second-hand Seated Segway. Do you want to sell your Seated Segway for whatever reason? The first thing you might ask is: where on earth do I start? Selling a specialized aid is of course not that easy, after all, you can’t just put it on a market place website, such as a scooter. We can also help you with selling your Seated Segway. We can sell the Seated Segway for you via consignment sale in our showroom.

Convert a used Segway?

A Seated Segway is built on the well-known Segway Platform. Did you know that it is also possible with us to convert your used Segway into a Seated Segway. Do you own a Segway and are you interested? Please contact us.

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