Scewo BRO power wheelchair

  • Automatic stair climbing
  • Agile driving over paved surfaces
  • Adjustable seat, backrest and footrest
  • Requires no torso stability, joystick operation

Say goodbye to detours, with the Scewo BRO power wheelchair.

Are you looking for a solution for autonomous stair climbing? Then the Scewo BRO is the best solution for you. Whether it’s curbsides, single steps or stairs, BRO masters them all. Its tracks take you up and down straight stairs comfortably and safely. This way, even the two steps of the restaurant around the corner become child’s play.


“Thanks to BRO, I can discover the world with my children independently and spontaneously.”

Uncompromising route choice

Scewo BRO drives on two wheels – all on its own without the use of your upper-body stability. Thanks to the two large wheels you can navigate safely and nimbly on various surfaces. BRO also overcomes obstacles of up to 5 cm with ease.

High or low at the touch of a button!

Having a conversation at eye level, sipping a drink at the bar or taking something off the bottom shelf. BRO’s height adjusting mode makes it possible. It allows you to raise the seat to 87 cm or lower it to 45 cm. At the push of a button you adjust the seat seamlessly to the situation at hand.


“With BRO, I can again do my daily work independently and even long distances no longer matter.”

Technical specifications

  • Total length:105 cm
  • Total width:69 cm
  • Control:Joystick
  • Backrest foldable:Yes
  • Dimensions folded:113 x 70 x 79 cm
  • Seat width:44 cm
  • Seat depth:Adjustable (39 - 47 cm)
  • Seat height:Adjustable (44 - 89 cm)
  • Electric backrest adjustment:15° – 56°
  • Max. speed:10 km/h
  • Maximum obstacle height drive mode:5 cm
  • Maximum slope drive mode: 6° / 10.5 %
  • Maximum obstacle height crawler mode:20 cm
  • Minimum stair width crawler mode:76 cm
  • Slope crawler mode:20° – 36° / 36.4 % – 72.6 %
  • Range:25 - 35 km (depending on battery size)
  • Batteries:Lithium ION
  • Battery capacity:20 Ah or optional 30 Ah
  • Charging time:5 hours
  • Weight of Scewo BRO:162 kg (incl. battery)
  • Max. allowable weight:120 kg
  • Various colors possible:Yes

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