Traveling with your Seated Segway

We often get a question about the possibilities of taking your Seated Segway on holiday. This mainly concerns transport by plane, so that you can also use your Seated Segway at your holiday destination.

Traveling by plane with a Seated Segway

Airline companies have strict rules, especially with regard to the lithium-ion batteries that they take with them on the plane. Because of this it is normally not possible to take a Segway with you. However, when it comes to a wheelchair, there are options. Sven and Bernadette Gravendeel are experts in traveling with a Seated Segway. They have done the necessary pioneering work for this. Sven is happy to share his experiences below.

Tips for a (air) journey with your Seated Segway

“We have already made a number of trips with the Segway wheelchair and it has not always been very successful. This is because the people at the baggage claim are unfamiliar with the device and do not know how to move it. They flatten it or slide it off the security and the supports fold in at rest. All very annoying because then you get the Segway wheelchair back with broken parts.” says Sven Gravendeel.

In consultation with Sven, we looked together for a suitable solution: “Well, after many attempts I decided to have a special flight case built in which we can simply drive the Segway wheelchair. This has the advantage that if you are with two passengers; you can load all your suitcases into the flight case (including ramps if necessary) and then you can drive yourself to the counter with the Segway wheelchair. At the counter you exchange everything again, the suitcases go on the belt and the Seated Segway in the flight case.”

Traveling with your Seated Segway? Our tips:

• You must register the Seated Segway in advance via your travel agent (incl. weight, type of batteries, etc.).
• Take plenty of time to check in, in practice three hours is often not enough.
• Tip: to be on the safe side, you can also bring a folding wheelchair with you.
• Check in advance how you can charge the Segway wheelchair at your destination. In America, for example, it can be charged at 110V, but that is not the case in all countries.
• Do not forget to also register the Segway wheelchair with your (travel) insurer.
• After you have flown, the air will be blown out of your tires due to the difference in air pressure. Tip: you can buy a simple 12V device on the internet with which you can inflate the tires again.
• Unlike in the Netherlands, not everything is flat in other countries, which means that parking the balance wheelchair in a car or elsewhere is sometimes a thing. Tip: take a small board with you that you can place under the rear leg so that you can level the Segway wheelchair yourself.
• Are you going to drive abroad? Then take tension straps or straps with you so that you can secure the balance wheelchair properly. You do not want an 80 kg Segway wheelchair in your neck when braking for a red traffic light.
• If you want to rent a car, it is best to ask for a Dodge Caravan or minivan for 9 people. Perhaps a bit more expensive, but the Flightcase including the separate Segway wheelchair easily fits in here.

Of course we have many more tips about traveling with a Seated Segway. Do you have any specific questions or would you like more information? Please feel free to contact us.

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