BI-GO Seated Segway

  • Very compact, therefore easy to transport in a car
  • Low entry height, ideal for a transfer from a wheelchair
  • No nonsense construction
  • Manual operation

The Bi-Go Seated Segway is the no nonsense entry-level model for ultimate control!

The no nonsense Bi-Go gives you the handles for a more mobile life. The straightforward frame provides possibilities for personal adjustments, allowing you to create your unique Seated Segway. The entry-level model gives you the freedom of the Seated Segway at an affordable price.

Manual operation

Because of the manual operation, the Bi-Go gives you a feeling of control. Easy driving off or quick parking is a plus.

Steel frame

The steel frame gives the Bi-Go a tough look that can take a beating. The Bi-Go is fully customisable, allowing you to ride in a unique Seated Segway. In combination with the powerful Segway platform, the Bi-Go takes you from A to B. Watch the movie for a more detailed explanation or contact us to experience it yourself!

Did you know that a Bi-Go frame can also be mounted on a used Segway. This creates a lot of possibilities in different price ranges. Do you already have your own Segway? Then it is possible to have your Segway converted to a Bi-Go.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions when folded:60 x 64 x 68
  • Platform:Segway
  • Cushion:Standard version and can be changed
  • Backrest:Standard construction
  • Collapsible transfer supports:No
  • Handlebar:Removable
  • Adjustable footrest:Yes
  • Parking support:Hand operated. Requires a flat surface
  • Battery/batteries:Lithium ION
  • Charge time:8 hours
  • Engine:2 x 765W
  • Standard lighting:No
  • Various colours possible:Yes
  • Speed in km/h:20
  • Machine weight:60 kg
  • Max. permissible weight:110 kg
  • Infokey:Yes
  • Range in km:30

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