About us

Are you also curious about who you always have on the phone? Or who repairs your Seated Segway when it is broken?

Below you can see who is ready to help you every day. The 2KERR team consists of real team players who, together with the customer, try to make the most possible. Our team has a lot of knowledge and experience, both in balance technology and wheelchair applications, which enables us to offer a suitable solution for our customers. We employ rollers ourselves who understand what our customers are all about through the use of a wheelchair in their daily lives.

Our team

We go for solutions that match the real practice of daily life. You will always receive honest advice from us on what is the best solution for you. This is the 2KERR team:

Gerhard Breugem

Director & Owner

Koen Breugem

Product Specialist

Coming soon

Product Specialist

Coming soon

Brand marketeer

Majella van Geurp

Marketing / Backoffice

Bram van Rijsewijk

Content Marketeer

Wilfred Homborg


Jan van Toorn


Marlies Barends


Ans Hoogendoorn


Arjan Langenhuizen


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