OMEO Seated Segway

  • Hands-free driving thanks to the active seat mode
  • Option of steering with a joystick
  • Advanced technology and safety systems

Ultimate freedom through hands-free operation, grab life by the wheels!

With the hands-free operation of the Omeo, you give your life an extra dimension. Whereas with most self-balancing mobility aids you need a traditional handlebar for operation, with the Omeo you use your upper body. Riding an Omeo is for active rollers who don’t shy away from a challenge. Experience it for yourself and find out all that this unique machine has to offer.

Dynamic seat

The self-balancing mobility aid without a steering wheel. This sounds like a crazy idea, but with the dynamic seat of the Omeo you no longer need a steering wheel. By using your body to drive forwards and backwards as well as to steer left and right, the Omeo gives a new dimension to independent driving. The technology requires a lot more work from the rider, but gives you a fantastic feeling of freedom in return.

Joystick mode

Are you in the supermarket and want to grab something from the shelf or need to maneuver in a small space? Then you quickly switch to joystick mode. With this you steer with the joystick, so that you can pick things up more easily or drive in a controlled manner.

Advanced safety systems

The Omeo also has advanced safety systems, so that you can always be on the safe side of the street. Watch the video for a more detailed explanation or contact us to experience it for yourself!

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions folded:75 x 66 x 65
  • Platform:Segway
  • Seat cushion:Luxury version and is changeable
  • Backrest:Deluxe version and is adjustable
  • Collapsible transfer supports:Yes
  • Handlebars:Not applicable
  • Adjustable footrest:Yes
  • Parking Supports:Electrically operated Does not require a flat surface
  • Battery/batteries:Lithium ION
  • Charge time:8 hours
  • Engine:2 x 765W
  • Standard lighting:Yes
  • Various colors possible:Yes
  • Speed in km/h:20
  • Machine weight:65 kg
  • Max allowable weight:110 kg
  • Infokey:Yes
  • Range in km:30

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V-TRAK backrest

Proper positioning and seating is crucial with our products. In addition to the Tarta backrest, there is now a 2nd option, the V-trak.

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With the off-road tires on the Omeo, dirt riding is no longer a challenge. By combining this profile and the width of the tire, you create the ultimate grip.

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This cool design rim will make any passerby look twice. The alloy rims are also stronger than the original Segway rims.

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