A self-balancing mobility aid from 2KERR is the alternative to wheelchair and scooter.

This type of mobility aid runs on two wheels because it uses the unique (Segway) balance technique. Please note, the technology takes care of the balance, so as a user you do not have to keep the balance yourself! The self-balancing mobility aid a.k.a. Seated Segway has been specially developed for people who are unable to walk or have difficulty walking.

A Seated Segway is very compact and manoeuvrable, so it can easily rotate around its axis. A Seated Segway moves with the greatest of ease over sand, gravel, grass and forest paths. This makes ‘inaccessible’ places accessible again.

New prices from € 12,950. View our range here.

BI-GO Seated Segway

The Bi-Go Seated Segway gives you the feeling of ultimate freedom with a rugged look. A robust no-nonsense solution for people who choose their own path.

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When you think of the Genny, you think of Italian design. The Genny Seated Segway has a uniquely streamlined shape with extra attention to detail.

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FREEE Seated Segway

Say safety and German quality in 1 sentence, then you are talking about the Freee Seated Segway. The Freee is a top segment machine with endless options.

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HOSS self-balancing mobility aid

A balance wheelchair from Hoss Mobility combines maneuverability and mobility! The Hoss is easy to control with a joystick, trunk stability is not required.

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iBOT Personal Mobility Device

The highly advanced technology of iBOT goes further than a Seated Segway.

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Scewo BRO power wheelchair

In the Scewo BRO you drive safely and agilely over different surfaces or fully automatically and independently up and down stairs.

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OMEO Seated Segway

Are you looking for an extra challenge in the field of Seated Segway's? Then the Omeo is something for you.By using the dynamic seat, you control the entire machine with your upper body.

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GENNY ZERO self-balancing mobility aid

The new Genny Zero self-balancing mobility aid is once again characterized by the Italian design. But the new, advanced, self-learning electronics provide a unique driving experience.

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ADDSEAT Seated Segway

With the AddSeat you combine any situation with the ideal seat height. The air-suspension seat is multifunctional and changes your view of the world.

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Seated Segway's are also available as an occasion. Check out our occasion assortiment here!

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The Connect Carrier is the cargo bike that makes transporting belongings or children easy.

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On this page you will find general purpose accessories for our Seated Segway's.

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