A Seated Segway can often be completely adjusted to your personal taste. Because your personal style can of course be seen!

Accessories for a balance wheelchair

And there are many different options for adjusting your Seated Segway to your personal preference. Are you curious about what is possible for you? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to explain it to you!

TARTA backrest

The Tarta backrest provides fantastic positioning and seating. Even if you have lesser core stability.

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V-TRAK backrest

Proper positioning and seating is crucial with our products. In addition to the Tarta backrest, there is now a 2nd option, the V-trak.

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These seat cushions have contoured support for the upper legs, providing a comfortable seat.

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NXT BIOFIT cushion

For the most optimal seat, we have the NXT biofit cushions. These foam cushions are divided into several layers.

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LEATHER cushion set

In order to customize your product, it is possible (for most products) to order a leather cushion set.

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ENDURO wheelset

The enduro wheelset is perfect for off-road riding. By combining a slightly smaller rim with wider tires, it provides more grip.

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This cool design rim will make any passerby look twice. The alloy rims are also stronger than the original Segway rims.

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With the off-road tires on the Omeo, dirt riding is no longer a challenge. By combining this profile and the width of the tire, you create the ultimate grip.

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Practically everyone has the desire to be able to take his/her Seated Segway with them in the car. Ideal for this is the set of ramps that makes it easy to take along.

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Being able to come to a stop easily and quickly is very important in Seated Segway's. With the new sprung backrest option, the Bi-Go plays into this perfectly.

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BI-GO U- OR L-SHAPE handlebars

Discover our U- and L-shaped handlebars for the latest in user-friendliness. Small adjustments with big differences.

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Quokka's bags are specially designed for wheelchair use and are therefore ideal for our products. They can be mounted in a variety of ways and are easy to remove.

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Accessories for a Seated Segway, what are the options?

There are many possibilities to adapt your balance wheelchair completely to your style or taste. There are various seat cushions, backrests, wheel sets, etc.

Accessories for extra comfort

A comfortable backrest is a must for good positioning and seating position. The Tarta backrest, for example, ensures perfect sitting comfort, even if you have a poor trunk stability.

If you often go off-road, good tires and wheels are a must for your Seated Segway. Not only do you have more grip and you can drive better, but because of the wider tires you have more air damping and you drive a lot more comfortably. Would you like to know in which situation you should choose which wheels? Read all about the right wheels in our blog.

Accessories for your personal style

A Seated Segway can of course be seen, it is very hip and not stigmatizing. Of course you also want to give it your personal touch with some extra accessories for your Seated Segway. For example, opt for alloy rims (available in a variety of cool colors).

If seating comfort is very important to you, you can opt for extra comfortable seat cushions. Do you want that little bit extra? Then choose a leather cushion set, not only very comfortable, but the leather cushion set also gives that extra look to your Seated Segway.

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