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Tarta Backrest

The Tarta backrest ensures a good positioning and sitting position. Even if, for example, your torso is less stable.


V-Trak backrest

A good positioning and sitting position is crucial for our products. In addition to the Tarta backrest, we have another option, the V-trak. 


Contour comfort cushion

These optionally available seat cushions have a pre-formed support for the thighs which provides a comfortable seat.


NXT Biofit Cushion

For the most optimal seat we have the NXT biofit cushions. These foam cushions are divided into several layers, which can each be modified separately if necessary.


Enduro wheelset

The enduro wheel set is perfect for off-road driving. By combining a smaller rim with wider tyres, it provides more grip and better functionality.


Design rims

This cool design rim makes everybody turn their heads. The alloy wheels are not only beautiful to see but also stronger than the original Segway wheels. 


Omeo of-road wheels

With the off-road tyres on the Omeo, off-road driving is no longer a challenge. This wide tyre, combined with a very good profile, provides the ultimate grip.


Foldable ramps

Almost everyone wants to be able to take their product with them in the car. Several solutions are available, of which a set of ramps is the simplest.


Bi-Go U- or L shape handlebars

Everyone is different and therefore a small adjustment can make a lot of difference for the user. For some users, the steering wheel can also be an obstacle that gets in the way. 


Bi-Go Suspendable Backrest

It is very important to stop (brake) quickly and easily with a seated-Segway. With the new spring backrest option, the Bigo responds has a great solution for this.


Leather cushion set

In order to be able to adapt your product according to your own taste, it is possible (for most of our products) to order a leather cushion set.



Quokka's bags have been specially developed for wheelchair use and are therefore also ideal for our products. They can be mounted in various ways and are easy to remove.