• Italian design
  • Founder of the Seated Segway
  • Standard Genny x Tarta backrest

Experience freedom in style with Genny Mobility

When you think of the Genny, you think of Italian design. The Genny has a uniquely streamlined shape with extra attention to detail. The Genny goes that extra mile. A Segway platform with a beautiful Italian design that creates the perfect combination.

Founder of the Seated Segway

As the founding father of Seated Segway’s, the Genny has a head start on the competition. With years of experience, they know exactly how a Seated Segway’s should work. With designer Paulo Badano as director, the Genny is not only technically advanced, but also available in a sleek design.

The desginer Seated Segway

Through its collaboration with major brands such as Tarta. Offers the Genny Seated Segway a complete design experience. With standard accessories specially designed for everyone who rides a Genny. The Genny comfort seat cushion helps you maintain the ideal posture while riding. Together with the built-in LED lighting system your way is illuminated everywhere. Watch the video for a more detailed explanation or contact us to experience it for yourself!

Travel safely with the Genny Seated Segway

You control the Genny Seated Segway with your upper body. Moving forward will move you forward, and leaning back will slow you down. With the compact control lever between your legs, you steer. This can also be done with one hand. The chair can rotate on its axis, so you can still move around in a small space. The chair is equipped with an excellent safety system so that you can always go on the road without any worries.

Genny used Seated Segways

Did you know that we always have a number of different used Seated Segways in our showroom? Are you interested in a second-hand model? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about it.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions folded:70 x 65 x 70
  • Platform:Segway
  • Seat cushion:Luxury version and is changeable
  • Backrest:Deluxe version, changeable and adjustable
  • Collapsible transfer supports:Yes
  • Handlebars:Removable and adjustable
  • Adjustable footrest:Yes
  • Parking Supports:Electromechanically operated Requires no flat surface
  • Battery/batteries:Lithium ION
  • Charge time:8 hours
  • Engine:2 x 765W
  • Standard lighting:No
  • Various colors possible:Yes
  • Speed in km/h:12
  • Machine weight:90 kg
  • Max. allowable weight:110 kg
  • Infokey:Yes
  • Range in km:30

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LEATHER cushion set

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This cool design rim will make any passerby look twice. The alloy rims are also stronger than the original Segway rims.

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