FREEE Seated Segway

  • Most advanced technology, with fault recognition
  • Independent parking supports
  • Standard multifunctional backrest

Freee, German solidity with progressive safety techniques, freedom without concessions!

The Freee stands for German solidity combined with progressive safety techniques. The Freee exudes class that you can be proud of. A completely finished machine that is right on the inside and outside. With the Freee F2, forest paths and dirt roads do not remain a dream, but become reality.

Advanced technology with fault recognition

The Freee is unique due to its smart safety technology. The Seated Segway automatically parks the parking supports if a malfunction is detected.

Independent parking supports

Independent parking supports allow you to park the Freee on any surface. Whether it’s flat surfaces or sloping hills, the Freee provides a safe situation for parking.

Standard multifunctional backrest

The standard multifunction backrest is easily adjusted at the touch of a button. The co-sprung backrest shortens the braking distance, allowing you to brake easier and faster.

Supported by the powerful Segway platform, no challenge is too great. Experience the freedom of a Seated Segway like the Freee for yourself and contact us!

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions folded:60 x 68 x 60
  • Platform:Segway
  • Seat cushion:Luxury version and is changeable
  • Backrest:Deluxe version and is adjustable
  • Collapsible transfer supports:Yes
  • Handlebars:Removable and adjustable
  • Adjustable footrest:Yes
  • Parking Supports:Electrically operated Requires no flat surface
  • Battery/batteries:Lithium ION
  • Charge time:8 hours
  • Engine:2 x 765W
  • Standard lighting:Yes
  • Various colors possible:Yes
  • Speed in km/h:20
  • Machine weight:75 kg
  • Max allowable weight:110 kg
  • Infokey:Yes
  • Range in km:30

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TARTA backrest

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