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The AddSeat is a mid-range mobility aid. It combines a high-quality Segway platform with an adjustable body. The men from Sweden have listened carefully to the demand in the market. By making a height-adjustable structure, they have ensured a low step-in and a height-adjustable seat. This allows you to adjust the seat to your personal preference, all by using just one button.

Als dat al niet uniek genoeg is, heeft de AddSeat ook nog eens een lucht geveerde zitting, voor het optimale comfort.

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The Addseat has an option to mount the two parking supports both left and right. It can even be mounted on both sides at the same time. This prevents problems when people (e.g. due to amputations or less muscle power in one of the arms) are dependent on one specific side.

The Addseat is a compact machine (parts foldable) and therefore easy to take along in the car.


Dimensions folded 66 x 64 x 72
Platform Segway
Seat cushion Standard AddSeat version and is interchangeable
Backrest Standard version
Collapsible transfer supports No


Steering wheel Detachable
Adjustable footrest Yes
Parking supports Hand operated
Battery/ Batteries Lithium ION
Charging time 3-4 hours
Engine 2 x 765W


Standard lighting No
Range in km 30
Speed in km/h 20
Machine weight 60 kg
Max allowable weight 100 kg
Infokey No
Various colours possible Yes



Take up the challenge and come and test drive in our showroom in Oss. See you soon!