"The Freee lives up to his name. He really gives you freedom!"

Joost Grifhorst has been using an active mobility product for several years, namely the Genny urban. He is now proud owner of a Freee F2 and likes to share his experiences with us.

“A product like the Freee F2 is really great for people like me. Normally I would have to use a hand operated wheelchair and then you are very limited in your activities. You just walk (or in my case drive) every day literally against thresholds that limit you in your daily life. I think I’m limited enough already and I just want to be able to continue living my life. Everything that can help me with that I grab and the Freee is really a godsend for me. It is not only a beautiful device, it also gives me the opportunity to more or less just do my things. I still like to be around the company every day and with the Freee that’s ideal. Quickly here, then there again, active in the weather with things to arrange and do. I enjoy that.

But I also enjoy going out with my wife. Just go shopping or take a walk in the woods. We always liked to do that and we can now continue to do that. I just can’t imagine how we would do this without a Freee, because then everything becomes a lot more difficult and everything takes a lot more time. To be honest, I’m not a very patient type, so I like it very much that I can just join in.

What we also like to do is go on holiday in the Dolomites. A very beautiful area that my wife and I enjoy, especially because we can really go out and make beautiful walks. You should know where I’ve been with my ‘all-rounder’!

But that is the icing on the cake. The use in daily life is of course much more important and then I wouldn’t want to go on without this great solution. Just being able to work on my own and do my things, that makes me happy.”

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