"Just about every ride a thumb up!"

“Since a good year I have a Genny and I can recommend it to everyone. It is a fast and compact climbing goat. We live on a noise barrier and it tames Genny smoothly and smoothly up the mountain. I also like the fact that I always stay upright, uphill and downhill. I also use it to drive to the office on a regular basis. Ideal when the weather is nice, then the car can stay at home and I enjoy the fresh air.

I also use it a lot in my spare time. I do archery and normally it is difficult to get the arrows with your wheelchair. With my Genny I can claim my arrows myself, also in the field. Then on holiday, we camp on nature campsites and there the paths are not paved. Where it is difficult or even impossible to work with a wheelchair, the Genny easily waltzes over the unevenness. The lack of small front wheels is a real advantage in the terrain. The Genny has already been to France and Bulgaria, in both countries it is an attraction. It’s quite easy to take it with you. With a small lifting crane in the trunk it fits easily in the back of the VW Touran and I can load and unload it myself.

I’ve been with the Genny in many places, even on the centre spot in the PSV stadium. At a business event we were allowed on the field and I couldn’t help but take a nice picture. With Genny on the pitch!

Also nice is the claim I have on the way. People are positively curious and the youth see it not as a “scooter” but as a new form of personal transport. That gives almost every ride a thumbs up or a nice chat.”

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When you think of the Genny, you think of Italian design. The Genny Seated Segway has a uniquely streamlined shape with extra attention to detail.

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