"I'm verry happy with it, it's just a super easy thing!"

Eric Stuurman is since last year a satisfied owner of the Bi-Go. “I had actually been working on it for years and was interested in a solution such as the Bi-Go. But I couldn’t really find the solution that suited me and that I found affordable. With the Bi-Go I found what I wanted. Just a tough thing and very easy to use.

During the week I am usually quite busy with my company and the like and then I’m on the road a lot. I know that a lot of people use these products immediately, but for me it’s more like that. It’s just an incredibly easy solution to get my daughter out of school, for example. She on the bike and I on the Bi-Go, that’s just great! Besides that, I always ride it to the tennis court and I do all kinds of things around the house with it, weed in the garden or something like that.

And of course he goes along on holiday, which is really ideal. On the campsite or when we go to visit a town. I often stayed on a terrace or depended on others to push, but I don’t like to be pushed. With the Bi-Go I ride everywhere like this and I can just take it with me on the road.

It’s also great to take it to the cross track. I try to go to competitions more often and of course there is a lot of unpaved around the track. Then I can get away with the Bi-Go and get almost everywhere. The last time I had driven across the track to the inner area because the visibility is much better there, I just hadn’t thought much about the way back. After the race the track was of course completely plowed and then I needed some help to get over it…. But It worked!

“I’m really happy with it, it’s just a super easy thing!”

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Former motocross champion Eric Stuurman is now active with his company in sports wheelchairs.

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BI-GO Seated Segway

The Bi-Go Seated Segway gives you the feeling of ultimate freedom with a rugged look. A robust no-nonsense solution for people who choose their own path.

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