The self-balancing mobility aid

This aid can briefly be described as a wheelchair with (Segway) balance technology. A self-balancing mobility aid is also called a Segway wheelchair or Seated Segway.

The technology keeps the balance and makes it possible to ride on 2 wheels. Therefore, the balance wheelchair is very compact and maneuverable. Don’t worry, you don’t have to balance yourself for this; the machine does that for you! The technique in the self-balancing mobility aid ensures that you remain perfectly balanced more than 100 times per second.

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Meet the iBOT Personal Mobility Device

The highly advanced technology of iBOT goes beyond a self-balancing mobility aid and offers more possibilities than a regular electric wheelchair.

The iBOT is a multifunctional personal mobility aid and makes it possible to participate again, wherever you are.
Driving indoors or outdoors, driving on- or offroad, sitting high or low and even up and down the stairs: everything is possible with the unique iBOT wheelchair.

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Whether you are looking for an off-road wheelchair, a modern aid with which you want to ride through the city centre or a handy aid for walking the dog. We will give you honest advice on the best solution for you.

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"How my life has changed!"

“Since the arrival of the Bi-Go balance wheelchair, my life has changed.” Says Suus. “The active sitting position and the constant movement are ideal for me. I prefer to be in nature; for the first time in years I can take real walks through the woods.”

Suus has purchased a 2nd-hand self-balancing mobility aid. She received the amount in part through a PGB from the municipality; she was able to supplement that further herself through crowdfunding.

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2KERR is all about solutions that fit the real practice of everyday life. We are real team players who, together with the customer, try to make the maximum possible.

In our Experience Center we speak to active wheelchair users, mobility scooter riders or people who use a cane or walker on a daily basis. Our team has a lot of knowledge and (own) experience, both in the field of balance technology and wheelchair applications, which enables us to offer a suitable solution for our customers.

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