What is a Seated Segway?

The Seated Segway can be briefly described as a wheelchair with Segway balance technology. It is also called a Segway wheelchair or balance wheelchair.

The balance technique makes it possible to drive on two (parallel) wheels. The user only has to operate it, while the technique ensures 100 times per second that you remain perfectly balanced and do not fall over.

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2Kerr has many different Seated Segway’s, so there is a good match for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an off-road wheelchair, a modern aid with which you want to ride in the city centre, a handy aid for walking the dog, or whatever Seated Segway you have in mind.

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What a “super wheelchair!"

From my very first glance at this Seated Segway, I saw new possibilities in my life. Freedom and speed. Shortly after ordering the Omeo I had moved to the hills of Limburg. My greatest hobby was to go out cycling with my cycling friends…..”

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Who is 2Kerr?

2Kerr is all about solutions that fit in with the realities of everyday life. Our team consists of real team players who together with the customer try to make the maximum possible. Our team has a lot of knowledge and experience, both of balance technology and wheelchair applications, which enables us to provide a suitable solution for our customers. We have rollers ourselves who, through the use of a wheelchair in their daily lives, understand what our customers are about.

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