BI-GO Seated Segway

The Bi-Go Seated Segway gives you the feeling of ultimate freedom with a rugged look. A robust no-nonsense solution for people who choose their own path.

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FREEE Seated Segway

Say safety and German quality in 1 sentence, then you are talking about the Freee Seated Segway. The Freee is a top segment machine with endless options.

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OMEO Seated Segway

Are you looking for an extra challenge in the field of Seated Segway's? Then the Omeo is something for you.By using the dynamic seat, you control the entire machine with your upper body.

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"I can just be an independent mom and that's a great feeling!"

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Purchasing a Seated Segway through reimbursement

A large part of our customers finances his or her machine through reimbursement. Internally we have a lot of knowledge and experience with this process. We have colleagues who are wheelchair-dependent themselves and know very well how this process works. Please get in contact with us for more information

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