"The Freee has given me back a piece of freedom!"

If acquaintances ask me how I like the Freee now, I don’t even have to answer. A smile from ear to ear says enough ; “I see it already, you’re glowing!”

Yesterday the sun was shining. Lovely warm rays and a blue sky.
With the Freee in the back of the car we drove to a beautiful piece of Brabant nature, the Bedaf mountains. Bedaf, with its sandy plains and paths, is absolutely the most wheelchair unfriendly place here in the area. So enjoy it extra, if you can just stroll around with the Freee with your family!

The Freee gives me back a lot of freedom.
I enjoy the children, walking through the park, sprinting, and going to the playground together. Hand in hand enjoying the fresh outdoor air.
I am more independent, I can go into the city, to an appointment or somewhere to visit.
My world is bigger, I participate again!

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FREEE Seated Segway

Say safety and German quality in 1 sentence, then you are talking about the Freee Seated Segway. The Freee is a top segment machine with endless options.

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