How to apply for a Seated Segway through WMO, PGB or UWV?

For the purchase of a balance wheelchair it is possible to use the WMO or PGB. A large part of our customers therefore use this form of subsidy. That is why we can provide you with extensive advice and support you with the necessary procedure.

What is WMO?

The municipality implements the WMO (a Social Support Act). This law is intended for people who need help living independently at home and meeting others. The WMO is for everyone who needs help to, for example, continue to live at home or to participate more independently in society. Do you need help? Then the municipality is obliged to support you in this.

With regard to medical aids, the municipality is drawing up a core range with which the most common medical aids can be provided. A 2KERR Seated Segway is not part of the core range, so it is not provided as standard. If you can substantiate that there are specific needs that you cannot achieve with a standard aid, but with a Seated Segway, it is possible to claim under the WMO.

Apply for WMO for a Seated Segway

Is a balance wheelchair the best solution for you? Then you need to submit a custom request to your municipality and an investigation will be started. Together with the municipality, you examine what help is needed and how the municipality can assist in this.

A balance wheelchair through the PGB

A second way for support from the municipality is the personal budget (PGB). With a PGB it is possible to have a balance wheelchair (partially) reimbursed through the municipality. You can also contact the WMO desk for this in your own municipality.

Possibilities through the UWV for a Seated Segway

In the Netherlands, we want to give everyone a chance on the labor market, including people with a physical disability. There is even a participation obligation for companies to offer workplaces for people with a disability, the UWV mediates and supports this. For example, the UWV can provide facilities so that you can carry out your work despite your physical disability. A 2KERR Seated Segway can offer a solution.

How to apply for WMO?

Many of our customers have gone through this process and through their experiences we have built up a lot of knowledge to help you with your application. In addition, we have seen a clear trend in recent years that more and more municipalities are starting to see the benefits of the 2KERR products and proceed to a WMO or PGB grant. We do not want to give the impression that this applies to everyone. But it is clear that for a certain group of people this is the only adequate solution and more and more municipalities are also coming to this insight. We can advise you extensively about a WMO application through your municipality and we can support you in the necessary procedure.

Do you want to apply for the WMO and do you need help with the application?

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