"I feel less “disabled” and I really drive around with pride."

Due to a spinal disorder, Fiony Langestraat has been living with chronic back and neck pain, and breakdowns in her arms and legs for more than half her life. Until last year, she suddenly couldn’t walk at all; an online search brought her to 2KERR. Read on below and discover Fiony’s inspiring story.

“My attitude was always: I’m not broken. But I have had to accept that I can no longer walk. Tools are there to keep energy for things that give me satisfaction. Het Rughuis has taught me to cross that threshold and to think positively about myself again. I started looking for tools that could give me a little bit of life back. I tried everything, but because I have to be careful with force on my arms, a regular wheelchair was not an option. You will soon end up at a mobility scooter. Although this ensured that I could go outside again and be among people again; It didn’t feel like the perfect solution for me.”

Fiony continues: “The image played a major role in this. I have done my best to simply ignore the fact that it is so stigmatizing, but unfortunately it still does something to your self-esteem and feelings. Also the limitation that you can only really drive on paved paths and being big and clumsy in shops didn’t really help me find my way. I missed nature, walking with the dog and cycling the most.”

“In my search for off-road wheelchairs I came across the Bi-Go. I was immediately sold, this had to be it. In the beginning I was slowed down by my environment because it seemed too ambitious, it is of course quite pricey and most people I can’t afford to pay for it myself. However, I couldn’t let it go, it really felt as if the Bi-Go could largely give my life back and I was really convinced that I would succeed.”

I always think: “Try first before you say it's not possible!”

“After a test drive at 2KERR and extensive explanation, I was completely convinced. It was fantastic! I immediately started the WMO application process and used all the tools I could find to increase my chances. I have support asked by an occupational therapist and I first rented the Bi-Go for a week. I then made a video to clearly show that this is really different from a normal wheelchair. The balance wheelchair is so unknown that it is difficult for the municipality to assess is whether it can really replace the standard offering. I was lucky, my municipality really listens to your story and wants to help make life as pleasant as possible. Their biggest goal is for you to participate in society again. And that it worked!”

"You keep moving without having to walk, which is a very big advantage.”

“I can just get on the Bi-Go from home and drive to the town, not at a snail’s pace but quickly, just like with a bicycle you drive about 18 km/hour. In the shops I can go almost everywhere, in small elevators you simply turn around your axis. Uneven streets, sidewalks, gravel, slopes, etc. are a breeze for the Bi-Go.

You can control the Bi-Go very precisely, after a while it really feels like you have legs that work again. Running with the dog through the forest, going to the beach with the wide wheels, visiting cities, going on trips, going on bike rides together and even going to a concert is possible again. And all without extra pain!”

Fiony says: “I’ve worked hard to get my core stronger, you need that because, especially if you want to stay at speed for a long time, you really use a lot of muscles. So you keep moving without walking, which is very important.” benefit.”

Finally, she adds: “The Bi-Go has made me feel confident again, I just sit differently on a Bi-Go than on a mobility scooter. I feel less “disabled”, I really drive with pride around. When you feel better you also radiate a different energy. I can’t hide anymore and I don’t want to either. I would like to tell everyone how great a balance wheelchair is. It’s a shame that many people don’t know about it yet exist. You are looked at and approached a lot on the street, people are really curious. Many photos have already been taken of the 2KERR sticker on my Bi-Go!”

BI-GO Seated Segway

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