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"What a super wheelchair!"

What a super wheelchair!

From my very first look at this balanced wheelchair I saw new possibilities in my life.

Freedom and speed. Shortly after the order of the Omeo I had moved to the Limburg hills.

My greatest hobby to go on the road with my cycling friends suddenly became possible again with the Omeo. Going up and down the hills suddenly became a piece of cake. What a fantastic experience. Together on the St. Pietersberg and then a visit to the marl quarry via the Meuse. Very stylish over all those coarse stones. As if I was skiing down and up. It all worked out. A world opened up for me. Keeping up with the speed of the cyclists on the flat stretches is great too.

My other hobby photographing has become a lot easier. I don't have a handlebar in front of me, but my body can control the seat very naturally. Turning it around or forward sent my camera to let go first is a joy.

Besides that it is a very nice chair. In daily life I have a lot more claim and the most beautiful conversations arise. This chair is recommended for everyone. What a party.

Would you like to ride a Seated Segway like Doreen? Please contact us or fill in the form. We will contact you as soon as possible. See you soon!