How do I sell my Seated Segway?

Do you want to sell your balance wheelchair for whatever reason? The first thing you might ask yourself is, where the hell do I start? Selling a specialized transport item is not that easy, after all, you cannot put it on a Marketplace such as a scooter or handbike.

We can also help you sell your Seated Segway. We can sell the Seated Segway for you through consignment sales through our showroom. Are you curious what this can mean for you? Here we explain how it works and list all the benefits for you.

What is a consignment sale?

A consignment sale works as follows: you remain the owner of your balance wheelchair while we sell it for you. The Seated Segway will be placed in our showroom and we try to find a suitable buyer.

How does consignment sale of my Seated Segway work?

Do you want to sell your Seated Segway through us? We then draw up a consignment agreement in advance in which we record the conditions of the sale. In it we make agreements about the selling price and it is established which fee we will receive when we sell your balance wheelchair for you. We then place the Seated Segway in our showroom and on our website. We use all our sales resources to sell your Seated Segway as soon as possible. Of course we always consult with you if necessary.

The advantage of selling your Seated Segway through us

When you decide to sell through 2KERR, you can be sure that you are getting the best price for your Seated Segway. You probably need some patience, selling such a wheelchair obviously does not happen overnight. The advantage of consignment sales is that you have to do very little (or actually nothing at all) for this yourself. Of course we sell your balance wheelchair for a good price, but perhaps most importantly: we ensure that we can make someone else happy with your Seated Segway!

Do you want to sell your balance wheelchair? Let us help you and contact us.

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