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Experiences / reviews

Sabine and her Freee

The Freee of 2Kerr gives us an "ordinary life".

It is Saturday November 23rd 2019 beginning of the evening. We sit together on the couch.

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Author:  Sabine van Duivenbode
Doreen and her Omeo

What a super wheelchair!

From my very first look at this balanced wheelchair I saw new possibilities in my life.

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Author:  Doreen
The Freee has given me back a piece of freedom
If acquaintances ask me how I like the Freee now, I don't even have to answer. A smile from ear to ear says enough ; "I see it already, you're glowing!"
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Claudia in her Freee

The Freee lives up to its name, says proud owner Claudia Bosch-Commijs. "Since January of this year, I have had a Freee. I can't describe how much freedom the seated-Segway has given me....

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Author:  Claudia Bosch-Commijs
Sjoerd in his Bi-Go

No-nonsense man Sjoerd van den Berg is not afraid of anything.

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Author:  Sjoerd van den Berg
With Genny in the field

Just about every ride a thumb up!

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Author:  Maarten Lebon
Eric Ensign and his Bi-Go

Let Eric cross!

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Author:  Eric Stuurman
Freedom with Freee

"The Freee lives up to his name. He really gives you freedom!"

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Author:  Joost Grifthorst
1.5 km uphill

"What freedom. Not only for me, but also for my husband."

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Author:  Diana Talsma