Which wheels do I choose for my Seated Segway?

Because you can drive on different surfaces with a Seated Segway, the right wheels are very important. The Segway balance technique makes it possible to drive on 2 wheels, the Seated Segway is therefore very compact and manoeuvrable. This ensures that a good grip is of course extra important. Take your freedom to a new level with different wheels/tires under your Seated Segway. Read all about the different options here.

All-season wheels for a Seated Segway

A Seated Segway is built on the chassis of a normal Segway, however the Segway tires are not suitable for driving on different terrains.

That is why the Seated Segways are always equipped with specially developed all-season tires that allow you to easily drive on different surfaces. This tire has a deeper profile, so you can easily drive around town, over sidewalks, cobblestones, grass and paved paths. Both in summer and winter.

Driving off-road with your Seated Segway

Do you often go to the forest or do you regularly drive on unpaved paths and through the sand? Then we always recommend that you also purchase a set of Enduro Off Road wheels with your Seated Segway.

The Enduro wheels have a small rim and wider tires for more grip. Because the wider tire has more air cushioning, you can ride a lot more comfortable, also ideal for people with back problems. Driving through the woods or on the beach with your Seated Segway is no longer a challenge with this Enduro wheel set.

Hit the beach with a Seated Segway

Do you really want to cross through the loose sand or be able to drive other challenging terrain? Then the Omeo off-road wheels are a godsend. The wide tire combined with a very good profile provides ultimate grip. Forest paths and dirt roads are no longer a challenge with this Off-road wheel set.

Genny Off-road kit

An Off-Road kit is also available especially for the Genny Seated Segway. This kit consists of special off-road wheels and comes with extra wide mudguards for protection.